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Chuy's Choices: Chuy Escalera's Go-To Products for When the Temperatures Start to Drop

By Riesa Lakin

Meet Chuy Escalera! Chuy is the Head Groom/Barn Manager for Swede Ventures LLC. He has been grooming horses for over 14 years now with having spent the last 10 years working for Peter Lutz, who rides for Swede Ventures. Chuy has provided top care from show ponies to 5* showjumpers, including Robin de Ponthaul, who  placed 2nd in the Pan American Grand Prix CSI5* at Spruce Meadows in 2018, brought home the silver medal for the United States in the Nations Cup in 2017, and won the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping North American League qualifier CSI3* at the Las Vegas National in 2015 with Peter Lutz. Needless to say, he has learned a thing or two about caring for all of his horses and ponies to ensure they are ready to perform at their best! 

Chuy perfers to keep his grooming style simple—always putting the individual needs of each horse first. So when the temperatures start to drop, his care is focused around keeping his horses happy and comfortable with products that help to provide moisture to their skin, mane, and tail, so that they don't get dry and brittle.  

Want to know more about his absolute must-haves? Read below to see if you have his favorite winter essentials (if not, stock up on Corro today!).

Chuy's Choices #1: 


Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel

Caring for my horses legs is always important. I like Absorbine's Liniment. It helps their tendons cool off after they're done jumping and performing. I keep that on me all the time!

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Chuy's Choices #2:

Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine

This is a good product to use in all weather. The detangler gives a really nice touch to horses' hair and provides a great shine, which is helpful for horses who tend to get dry skin with the cooler temperatures.

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Chuy's Choices #3:

Cowboy Magic GreenSpot Remover

It’s amazing! If you have horses that you don’t want to bath when it’s really cold, you spray Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover on them, wipe it off...amazing. It's clean, it’s shiny, and it doesn’t irritate the skin. So I’ll always keep that on me.

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Chuy's Choices #4:

MannaPro Corona Multi-Purpose Ointment

Especially for this weather, when the hoof gets dry, we put it on the coronet band. Or, when the horses have cuts and rubs, it always helps to keep the moisture in - it's really nice.

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Chuy's Choices #5:

Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil

Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil is amazing! I love it! In warmer weather I apply it once a day. But when it gets colder out, you don’t want to use it too much because it’s dry and you don’t want [the hoof] to break or cause quarter cracks. So I use it during the winter around 4x a week.

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Chuy's Choices #6:

Back on Track Therapeutic Turnout Sheet

Something we HAVE to have in the winter that I love are Back On Track sheets! I also love their big wraps. We’ve been using those for shipping. The polos are really good too. They’re nice to flat in when you have great weather, but would avoid using them when it's really wet.

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Chuy loves Corro because it makes it easy for him to keep his favorite grooming supplies, horse products and stable staples full stocked, so that he's able to offer his horses the best care whether they're at home or on the road. Want to know more about Chuy's favorite products? Check back soon to see what his must-haves are for when his horses compete at the Wellington Equestrian Festival!

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