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What To Gift The Western Riders On Your Holiday List

By Caroline Arendt

There are very few things in life quite as magical as this time of year — the holiday season. Well, maybe a serene trail ride with minimal spooking or a perfect lesson. We all can agree that no matter what you celebrate or believe in, there’s no better way to spread the season’s cheer than picking out thoughtful gifts for everyone on your shopping list. 

Lucky for you, Corro has got something for every cowboy and cowgirl on your list this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for a rodeo queen, or your trail buddy who’s tough to shop for, Corro’s got just what you need. No matter who you’re shopping for, we’ve curated a list of horse products that are perfect to gift the western enthusiast in your life this season.


Back on Track Therapeutic Fleece Blanket

This is the item that happens to be on every horse’s list. Using the horse’s own body energy, the state-of-the-art Welltex material creates an infrared thermal effect, which could provide relief to sore horses. Whether you are shopping for your horse or as a gift for someone else, the Therapeutic Fleece Blanket is a perfect gift that can be used daily on any type of horse.

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Gift Idea #2: Redmond Rock on a Rope

Redmond Rock on a Rope

Is your horse getting enough water during the colder temperatures? Make sure your horses get the electrolytes they need all winter long to help keep them hydrated. The best part? It’s on a rope, so it can be safely secured in a stall or pen.

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Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine

From your trainer to your fellow stablemates, this detangler should be in every equestrian’s tack box. This stuff works so well at detangling and smells so good, we won’t judge if you try it on yourself.

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Tough-1 Aluminum Angled Stirrups

Step up, literally, in style next year. The Tough-1 Lightweight Aluminum Angled Stirrups are angled for added comfort. They even have durable rubber tread to help keep your feet in place.

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Royal King Scalloped Browband Headstall with Braided Rawhide and Horsehair Tassels

You had us at “braided rawhide.” Speaking of style, head to the rodeo or to the show pen with this headstall and you’re sure to get noticed. We’ll take 3, please.

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I hope you get everything on your holiday wish list! Happy Holidays!

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