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The Ultimate Guide To Measuring Your Horse For Blankets, Sheets, And Coolers

By Liv Gude
Founder of

There will be a time when you have to buy your horse a new blanket, sheet, flysheet, and/or cooler. Shopping for these items for your horse shouldn't be so difficult. That's why Corro created this guide to help you measure your horse in order to find the right size. We call that #CorroConfidence! 

There’s one easy way to get the size of blanket or sheet your horse will need, and that’s to measure his body.  This is easily done with a friend and a weight tape for horses!


How To Measure Your Horse

Have your friend hold the end of the weight tape at the center of your horse’s chest.  Aim for the spot where the underside of his neck intersects his chest.  Then run the tape over your horse’s shoulder and barrel towards his tail.  Go over the shoulder and barrel’s widest portions.

As you approach the tail, you have two options.  You can stop measuring at the point at which you want the blanket to end.  This should be somewhere just past his rump.  This measurement is his blanket size!  Alternatively, you can also measure to the center of your horse’s tail and subtract 4 inches to get the blanket size. 


Most manufacturers of horse blankets use 2-inch increments to size their blankets.  Typically, you will want to round up to the nearest size.  

Some other things to consider when shopping for blankets, coolers, sheets, and fly gear:

Notice the gussets on the blanket or sheet you are interested in. Are the gussets going to allow your horse’s shoulder to move forward?  This is important if your horse will be sleeping in the blanket, as the gussets allow your horse’s front legs to extend out so he can rise. These gusset also allow your horse freedom to run and play in his new clothing.

This blanket by WeatherBeeta has nice gusset for running and playing.

WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential Standard Neck Heavy Turnout Blanket

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What sort of attachments does the blanket have? Usually, horse blankets and sheets have leg straps which keep things in place at the back end of your horse.  Coolers and fly sheets, and some blankets, often have straps that loop under your horse’s tail, called a fillet string or a tail cord.  This is a less secure method of stabilization, and are less ideal for mares, as the end up urinating on the strap. Coolers are not a blanket type that is worn for longer periods of time, so the tail cord is not usually an issue here.  There are lots of options out there for mare owners if this is a concern.

This cooler has a fillet string. Since coolers are not worn for long periods of time, fillet strings are very common.

Mio Fleece Cooler (No Fill)

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How high up the neck does the blanket or fly sheet extend?  Traditional horse blankets rest on or just in front of the wither, called a standard neck. If your horse needs a little more warmth or fly protection, look for options such as a high neck or a detachable neck piece, sometimes called a hood. The high neck version extends in front of the wither, and the neck pieces extend all the way to the ears.

This fly sheet is a good example of a sheet with neck piece/hood.

Mio Flysheet with Attached Hood

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This blanket is a good example of a standard neck.

WeatherBeeta Comfitec Classic Standard Neck Lite Turnout Blanket

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This blanket is a good example of a high neck blanket.

Plan accordingly if you are going to be layering blankets. In the winter, it’s often nice to put a sheet underneath a heavier blanket to keep the heavy blanket cleaner. You may want to go up one size to accommodate a blanket underneath. If you plan on layering a waterproof sheet on top of a heavier blanket, use a slightly larger size for the top layer.

Also, check the return policy!  Sometimes blankets just don’t seem right for your horse. When trying on a blanket, sheet, or cooler, make sure that your horse is wearing something, even a sheet, to keep the new blanket clean in case you need to return it. At Corro, we aim to provide you with the best shopping experience in the business. If you need to return or exchange an item from Corro, let us know! We ask that returns be initiated within 30 days of delivery, and that we receive your item back in new or unused condition.

If you have any other questions,  you can send us an e-mail anytime at, or give us a call at 866-962-6776 Monday-Friday between 9am and 6pm EST.

Happy shopping!

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