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Top Trending Products Corro Customers Can't Get Enough Of:
February Edition

By Riesa Lakin

At Corro, we aim to provide our customers with their favorite brands and products for the best prices. The products you see on our site are a result of the research we conducted to ensure our products are of great quality and can hold up to all the barn and horse-related elements. However, our biggest indicator of quality products is through your feedback and reviews. Who better to help us provide a curated selection of products than YOU, our amazing customers!

To help you discover some of the best products in the business, we're spotlighting some of our top trending and top-rated products from February! 


Here's What Is Trending Among Corro Customers This Month:


Credit: Kathy Russell for Corro

Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief

Does your horse need a little help with digestion? Our most popular product this month was Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief! It can help improve and maintain proper digestion in your horse. The naturally occurring bentonite clay treats many issues including ulcers, diarrhea, lack of appetite and stress.

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AniMed Biotin 100 Hoof Support Powder

If the cold weather is taking a toll on your horse's feet, you may want to add AniMed Biotin 100 Hoof Support Powder to your horse's feed to help support strong, healthy hooves. This supplement is a significant source of biotin, which horses need to process carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, resulting in a healthy metabolism and hard, sturdy hooves. Additionally, our customers are loving AniMed's Wheat Germ Oil Blend, Vitamin E and Selenium with Zinc, CoMega Supreme Nutritional Oil.

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Kentucky Performance Elevate Maintenance Powder

Kentucky Performance Elevate Maintenance Powder is a popular supplement we see in a lot of barns. It's an essential natural vitamin E horse supplement that helps promote muscle, nerve and immunity functions, especially for horses grazing in winter pastures, or horses with limited access to fresh pastures.

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Equine Elixirs Positude was a popular item last month and continues to be a hit amongst our customers again in February. Not only does it help maintain a consistent hormonal balance and even temperament in Mares, Geldings, and Stallions, it’s all natural and safe to handle. Give your horse a little extra support to reduce stress and provide pituitary support with Positude. Also on our customers' shopping lists...Equine Elixirs Ulceraser. Prevent the formation and recurrence of ulcers by protecting and healing both stomach and intestinal linings with Equine Elixirs FEI approved Ulceraser.

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Uckele Equine Tri Amino

Another popular supplement among Corro customers is Uckele Equine Tri Amino. Amino acids are key to equine health, and Uckele Equine Tri Amino horse supplement includes three of the most essential ones for your horse. It helps with immune function, hooves, connective tissue, mane, and more.

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Horse Products & Grooming Supplies

Credit: Kathy Russell for Corro

Farnam Wonder Dust Wound Powder

Talk about a stable staple! We (and our customers) love Farnam's Wonder Dust Powder! It promotes healing and helps your horse recover from slow-healing wounds. Apply it with or without a bandage to stop bleeding and draw out infection and bacteria, helping the wound dry out and heal faster.

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3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape

You can never have too much vetrap! Just ask our Corro customers! They're stocking up on 3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape. Vetrap is great to use for horse injuries, to hold bandages or hoof packing in place, or if you forget your tall boots and need something to wrap around your legs to keep you from getting rubs from the saddle (hey, desperate times calls for desperate measures!). Corro has you covered with a variety of fun colors.

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The Original Mane 'n Tail Conditioner

Is the winter drying out your horse's mane and tail? If so, you'll love The Original Mane 'n Tail Conditioner! It revitalizes your horse's mane, tail, and coat. This gentle horse mane conditioner contains natural oils that help soften and condition your horse's mane for a shiny, soft look and feel.

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Horsemen's Pride Mega Ball

Winter boredom is real! Our customers prefer Horsemen's Pride Mega Ball to help keep their horses active, alert, and entertained. Toss it around a pasture or arena to play and bond with your horse and to curb destructive acts that can stem from boredom.

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Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer

When it's too cold for baths, or even when it's not, curry combs are the most essential stable staple to have in your grooming box. Our customers are loving the Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer. With its ultra-flexible design, this curry comb conforms to the contours of your hand and the horse for a deep clean and shiny coat.

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Uncle Jimmy's Squeezy Buns

A horse can never have enough cookies! Uncle Jimmy's Squeezy Buns Horse Treats are tasty snacks that can also double as a training reward or pill pocket for easy feeding if your horse is on medication. They're all-natural, no-sugar treats, and are individually wrapped to stay fresh for a longer shelf life.

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Barn Necessities

Fortiflex 5 Quart Minipan Feeder – Rubber-Polymer Blend

Another popular item from January that's back on the list this month is Fortiflex's Minipan Feeder! It's great for watering, feeding, maintenance, and general purpose use around farm or stable. It's made from a durable rubber-polymer blend that is resistant to extreme weather and comes in four great colors!

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Fortiflex Aluminum Wall Bracket

If you're looking for a solid way to hold your buckets up in your horse's stall, check out Fortiflex Aluminum Wall Brackets. They hold most flat back buckets securely against a wall or post.

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Tough-1 Western Wall Saddle Rack

The Tough-1 Western Wall Saddle Rack is built to last and designed to support all types of Western Saddles. It's rust resistant, sturdy, and is angled perfectly for storage and cleaning.

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Fortiflex 8-Quart Utility Pail – Plastic/Rubber Blend

Any stable's best friend, the Fortiflex Utility Pail is nearly indestructible, versatile, and comes in seven different great colors. This bucket has a low wide shape, extra wide top, and capacity markings on the side to make a great all-purpose bucket at a great value.

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Tack & Leather Care Products

Tough-1 Shaped Leather Hobble Straps

Tough-1 Shaped Horse Stirrup Hobble Straps are a popular purchase from Corro customers. They prevent stirrups from loosening and turning and are crafted from high-quality rugged leather.

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Royal King Browband Headstall with Braided Rawhide

Western bridals are popular on Corro, with the Royal King Browband Headstall with Rawhide Accents and Horse Hair Tassels. Provide your horse with added comfort with this great-looking piece, made with the quality and craftsmanship.

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Effax Leather Balm

Barns love Effax Leather Balm. It restores natural shine and supple texture to your smooth leather goods. Avocado oil, lanolin, and beeswax help produce a deep-conditioning balm that also repels moisture. Gentle enough for regular use, this leather balm is ideal for conditioning hard-working gear such as boots, saddles, and tack as well as your finest leather shoes and handbags.

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Thank you to all of our customers for your support! We hope these round-ups help you discover new products and/or provide comfort that other horse owners, trainers, and grooms love the same products that you do. We aim to create a community that helps you feel good about your purchase decisions—that's what we call #CorroConfidence

If you've purchased something on Corro recently, please be sure to leave a review to help other horse enthusiasts know how these products work for you. You may even win a Corro gift card for your review! Stay tuned for next month's round-up.

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